Mynet currently offers all the services that can be implemented on a copper network, in particular:
  • Classic type FTTE/ADSL (ATM DSLAM) and “advanced” type (Ethernet DSLAM) with speeds up to 20M/1M
  • FTTC/VDSL (incorrectly called "fiber" in some operators' marketing) with speeds up to 100M/20M
  • HDSL/SHDSL (ATM or EFM) up to 10Mbit/s symmetrical
On all copper connections we offer IP Access and IP VPN services and precise minimum guaranteed bands. However, the best service on the traditional copper network loses meaning when activation or moving times and above all fault management, given the complexity and growing age of the incumbent's network, are ineffective: in these activities Mynet shines for efficiency and transparency, demonstrating the plus of an operator who is oriented towards generating true value for customers.

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