Mynet Services

Mynet, thanks to the internalization of all processes related to the creation of knowledge and the generation of value, has specific and distinctive skills in intranetworking and in closely related issues, in particular:
  • Italian telecommunications operator, equipped with a very large fiber optic network: Mynet offers quality IP access and transit, even on a project basis in areas not covered by (ultra)broadband
  • Co-lo space at own POPs, transport, private peering to other operators or large customers
  • Datacenter space for high value-added services to customers who want IP high availability or outsourcing of some corporate servers
  • Engineering and "turn key" implementation of local or metro networks, from the laying of the transmission medium (fibre, copper or radio) to the active equipment, including complete technological sites
  • Maintenance of telecommunications sites
  • IT security management through self-produced appliances (SecuraDSL)
  • Carrier-class voice and FAX (VoIP, FoIP) termination
  • Network security with intelligent proxy agents, light/deep packet inspection and behavior analysis


No kind of "Blame Game" (Responsibility Bounces)

By completely and directly managing all aspects of our network and the related services provided, unlike our competitors, we are able to quickly identify and diagnose customer problems and ascertain their responsibilities with certainty, minimising resolution times and guaranteeing concrete and meticulous technical support.

Service card

As required by the Directive of the President of the Council of Ministers of 27 January 1994 and according to the directives referred to in the Resolution of the Authority for Communications Guarantees n. 179/03/CSP, 254/04/CSP, 131/06/CSP, 244/08/CSP and following, we publish our Service Charter.
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