Who we are

Mynet is a telecommunications operator, originating in Mantua as a local operator more than 24 years ago. Since the beginning of 2000 it has become a national operator, with commercial and technical-operational offices in Verona, in the autonomous province of Trento, in Brescia, in Bergamo, in Sondrio and in Milan. From ingenuity, initiative, and hard day-to-day work of some Lombard entrepreneurs who still own it today, it has become a group of 100 electronic communications professionals who manage a proprietary network of 27,000km of optical fiber throughout Italy, and measures itself openly with the needs of customers, listening to the needs of companies and finding the best technological solutions to meet the fixed telecommunications needs of all businesses, large and small.
What makes us different is our analytical approach to our customers connectivity problems: from the initial specifications of the requirements by our consultants, to the technical-commercial proposal, and finally to the execution, the efficacy of our approach is apparent.
Whether you need a simple VDSL with LTE backup in a shop, an ultra-broadband connection in the most isolated industrial area of our peninsula, or 200 10Gbit/s fiber optic links scattered throughout the country, we are the right partner for you: test our service.

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