Mynet Network

The Mynet network is a perfect compendium of civil infrastructure, fiber optic cables widely present in the crucial points to serve our business customers and latest generation telecommunications equipment: legacy systems (ATM, SDH, TDM) are reduced to the bone to interwork with other networks or with sections of customers with specific needs for traditional services, while the rest is a pure Ethernet network (CE 2.0) on highly advanced DWDM transport with bitrate capacity, bandwidth booking per user and SLA levels at the top of the Industry .



  • Strategic presence in key points of the territory crossed by the A4-A22 motorways with proprietary POPs
  • National and international interconnections with other networks via highly redundant private links
  • Rapid design and deployment of new high capacity network solutions for end customers or operators
  • MPLS redundant backbone on Carrier Ethernet 2.0 / DWDM infrastructure
  • Availability of TDM, ATM and SDH legacy services
  • Termination circuit performance suitable for Business Critical Environment (BCE) and High availability (HA) solutions Fully customizable
  • Fully customizable SLAs
  • NOC completely "internalized" and without filters (IVR, call-center)
  • Friendly, non-bureaucratic and extremely technical "cut" approach to customer problems, also ideal for highly outsourced network solutions
  • A company you can truly count on. Mynet is in fact one of the very rare companies in the telecommunications market for more than twenty years with the same VAT number

Access technologies through which we reach end customers

  • Fiber
  • Copper
  • Radio

Internet access services

Mynet has in its portfolio an extremely articulated offer for business customers which, thanks to advanced and highly customised solutions, allow us to satisfy your real needs.
The technical/commercial proposal can be formulated following a close examination by working alongside the staff of the client company, thus building a shared solution. Mynet also has standard services for residential and micro business users.
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