History and Philosophy

Mynet, operating trademark of Mynet s.r.l. (born MNet s.rl., Mantova Net), after a year of preparations, was established in 1995 as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the centre of Mantova in via Roberto Ardigò, coinciding with the commercial introduction of the Internet in Italy. After 5 years, the offices moved to the Borgo Chiesanuova district, in via Imre Nagy, 7, where they remained until 20 November 2017. On this date, the new headquarters opened in Via Ciro Menotti, 14, in the Belfiore district, a technology campus of 4800m2.

Since 2003, the property has been simplified by three entrepreneurs from Mantova, two of whom are founders, and a phase of strong expansion begun thanks to considerable investments in the territory of northern Italy (in particular in Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige, Emila Romagna), which is still in progress.



The Mynet project has been able to transform and evolve both in the network and in the applied intranetworking solutions: from the first mini-POP in the historic center of Mantua and in the industrial area of Suzzara between 1995 and 2000 for dialup services, to the numerous POPs, strategically located in northern Italy, built since 2003 for the regeneration of the fiber optic cable signal and the aggregation of ADSL broadband customers, up to the establishment of a 27,000 km fiber optic network for national ultra-broadband accesses, all now growing by 1100km per year, for the provision of Digital Agenda 2020 and 2025 (Gigabit Society) services.

A different telecommunications company

Most Italian "telecommunication operators" tend to value very different vocations (financial, business and pure marketing). Mynet, however, has always set itself the goal of serving its customers in the best possible way, according to pricing, by bringing incremental and continuous benefits, by investing incessantly in innovation and infrastructure, both in terms of backbone and distribution.

An in-person, “hands-on” approach

While competitors are largely unavailable , due to the lack of the right quantity of qualified technicians to solve customers problems, and instead burden customers with long waits on hold in call centers, Mynet directly exposes its personnel, who respond immediately to the needs of customers, with an intellectually honest and technically impeccable approach that distinguishes us.


A telecom operator for many, but not for everyone

Mynet operates only for business customers, who want quality and value direct human relationships.
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